Swatek.pl LogoI was asked by my dear friend Arek Swatek, a future lawyer, to help him with creating a site and a blog for him. Without any hesitate, I helped him with everything. At the time we started cooperating he already have bought domain swatek.pl so I told him that what he have to do right now is to buy a server space with WordPress support then choose a WordPress template that he likes and he can leave all the rest of the work to me. In a week or so he had a functioning website of his own, with a blog.

Now I am the administrator of his site and help him improve, enhance and adjust it to his needs. At the beginning I had to translate some hard coded text (Poedit), change some styles (HTML & CSS), remove few unwanted parts (HTML & PHP) etc. I think he is pretty satisfied with the finnal result and he is proudly writing about law topics.

Date: July 18, 2014