I’ve allways had problems with picture resizing. There are so many graphics processing programs, that it makes you feel a little bit confused, and you don’t know which one to use. Even when you find the one that suits you, it turns out to be so complicated, gives you so much possibilities and features that you actually have no idea what to click to achive simple tasks. You have to check in the manual, then watch some video tutorials, read few articles and after couple of hours you are ready to resize your images. Why ? Just why ? I don’t need them, I just want to resize my pictures, that’s it! I don’t want to learn whole colossal application and all its functionalities! Isn’t there a simpler solution?

Yes there is! I present you Image Resizer for Windows. Great, simple and light tool that let’s you do excatly what you want to do, which is image resizing. The end :). Isn’t it perfect ? I cannot imagine something more simpler. ~One megabyte, one form, one function, one click. Great, just great.

Quick usage tutorial:

  • select pictures (images) that you want to resize
  • click RMB (right mouse button) on selected picutre(s)
  • find ‘Resize pictures‘ in your context menu
  • select preferable size from the form checkboxes
  • click Resize
  • Voila

I think that the most important thing to bear in mind when shrinking (resizing) your images is to watch for Replace the originals option. You can really easily overwrite your originals with their smaller version and never get those big ones back. I strongly advice you to make a copy folder first, e.g.: ‘Small’ or ‘Medium’, copy all images there and then start experimenting on them. Easy.