Welcome e-Traveller!

You have no idea what is about to happen, don’t You ? This is the day that all human kind will remember, Your children, Your children children and their children, generaly speaking all the generation of children after 2014, will be speaking about this day! Not really, but anyway, I hope that..

I had your curiosity and now I’ve got your attention

The day I’m talking about is the beginning of something incredible, glourious, indescribably beautiful, more than awsome and undoubtedly special! Not really either..

Nevertheless, every process, every action, every move, every thought, every blog has to have its beginning. This is ‘the birth’ of my blog. But before you dig into it, let me just tell You a little bit about myself and about what I intend to write about…

This blog is going to be devoted mainly to .NET development, so I’ll be writing about my struggles, discoveries, problems, solutions, tricks, hacks, etc. in topics related to programming or generally speaking, IT

[[!Microsoft .NET]

It will be really challenging task to write for You because I’ve got only few years of professional experience, so I’m not the best source of knowledge that You can find, what’s more, I’m going to write in foreign language which is always some kind of limitation. Nevertheless, I hope someone will find it helpful or interesting, I’ve got really positive thoughts about it. Moreover, I love to ‘speak’ with people and I really enjoy sharing, yeah, I think I’m ready for this challeng, I’m, no no no, We are going to manage!

Let’s start, shall we !?